Washing your face looks like a routine that is easy to do. But, there are many important things are missed.
5 Common Mistakes When Face Washing

In fact, washing your face properly is the initial and crucial step in skin care. In addition to nutrition, beauty care products more easily absorbed, skin clean and healthy will also help the softer makeup application.

Dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank and Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi with celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas, reveals common mistakes made when washing the face as reported by Cosmopolitan following pages.

Too hasty

Most women face wash quickly. In fact, if you want a perfectly clean face, apply facial cleanser gently for a few minutes before rinsing.

Make sure the entire surface is covered with a foam cleanser face, including the eye area. Massage your face with small circular motions to ensure all dirt and make-up former lifted. Then, splash warm water to rinse.

Forgetting Scrubs

Overuse of scrubs for the face can indeed cause the skin to become dry and irritated. But, it takes a scrub at least once a week to help remove dead skin cells naturally.

Scrub even required for normal skin that is not prone to acne. Scrub works to cleanse the dirt that hides behind the pores.

Rinse with hot water

Washing your face should be done in the sink, not in the bathroom. This is so that you can use warm water lukewarm, not hot water. Wash your face with water too hot can cause the skin to become dry.

Just use the instant cleaning

Facial cleanser without having rinsed, it looks more simple. It can be taken anywhere, it also can be a facial cleanser removes dirt quickly.

Unfortunately, this type of facial cleanser does not cleanse the face thoroughly. But only remove makeup. Be sure to always clean your face again with a foam cleanser to clean the skin properly.

Not using moisturizer

Leather can absorb moisturizer better at night, because it has more time to absorb the beneficial elements of the cream. So, be sure to always use a night cream before bed to maintain healthy skin.
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