Chapped lips are often as a result of harsh weather conditions-including extreme colds : Your clothes might cover your body, but your lips are still exposed to the cold. Going through extreme weather conditions without paying extra attention to your lips will leave you with dry and unattractive lips.

Dehydration reflects on your lips too: The solution to this is to ensure you drink enough water everyday.

Picking & Constant licking of your lips will leave you with chapped lips. The only solution is to keep your hands and tongue away from your lips. Whoever said licking of your lips was sexy anyways? I think it is plain disgusting.

Chapped lips might be an allergic reaction to a make-up product or your toothpaste

Chapped/Dry Lips could be a symptom of an infection, a STD, or any other disease-Diabetes,Kawasaki, Macrocytosis.

NOTE:When selecting products for your lip, give the ones that contain SPF15 preference. Also avoid toothpastes that contain fluoride

Home Made scrubs

1)Sugar & Honey Lip Scrub

-Mix a reasonable amount of sugar with honey(The honey is there just to make the sugar stick)

-Leave for 3-5 minutes

-Rinse off then apply a lip balm.

2)Baking Soda Scrub

-Simply mix about two teaspoons of baking soda with a very small amount of water o form a paste.

-Rub all over your lips

-Rinse off after 2-3 minutes, and apply a lib balm with SPF15

3)Sugar Scrub

This is for those who do not like honey or can’t stand the smell

-You replace the  honey with olive oil or coconut oil

-Mix till it forms a paste

-Rinse off after 5 minutes

-Apply ointment or a balm

Which scrubs have you tried on your lips? Let us know your experience via the comment box

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