Many of the natural chemical constituents that are taken out of the essential oils are sold within the food and beverage business. And then what is left is sold off as aromatherapy. there's additionally a large quantity of essential oils that are adulterated with "nature identical" chemicals. this implies that an artificial chemical that's identical in chemical composition is added to extend the number, this nature-identical chemical is dead, it's no life force. These are some reasons why you'll have a very completely different aromatherapy expertise once you purchase cheaper health food store or drugstore brands.

Natural Skin Care for Beautiful Skin
We don't use "nature identical" oils or singular chemical constituents as a result of they're not whole nor do they contain the life force of the plant. we tend to solely use whole, botanically derived ingredients. which means the total plant because it has been created. Nothing added, nothing bumped off and no toxic environmental impact. This creates a  skin care product that care of your beautiful skin.

We believe natural ingredients give several additional edges than science understands and doesn't turn out toxic waste that's freely poured into third world rivers and estuaries.
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