Cosima Revival is an anti-aging cream that primarily contains L-Arginine which is responsible for boosting the production of collagen, the key to having healthier and young looking skin. However, there are numerous customer reviews talking about Cosima Revival scam. What is the truth about this?

Cosima Revival scam is rooted on some issues involving its promos, effectiveness and purchasing process. Some customers claim that the free trial promo posted on its official website is not true. Others claim that using this product resulted in allergies characterized by severe skin rashes that needed immediate medical attention. There are also some customers claiming that they were charged double for order shipment which they didn't receive.

All these claims are hovering around the internet that is keeping the issue on Cosima Revival scam going. Is there any truth about these claims? To solve this puzzle here are things you should know about Cosima.

How does Cosima Revival work?

This product contains some of the popular ingredients that are long known effective and beneficial to skin. These include Vitamins, L-Argentines, L-Ornithine and L-Glutamine. These ingredients work by repairing skin damages. These can also diminish or get rid of skin rashes and inflammation, hence providing you with an astonishing outcome.
cosima revival

Cosima also works by taking away skin blemishes due to aging. By doing so, you can achieve younger looking fresher and flawless glowing skin. These ingredients also function as protein stimulator that can boost production of collagen which is very important in getting beautiful skin. Cosima also addresses your problem of dry skin by rejuvenating it.

Furthermore, Cosima Revival works to protect your most precious skin from any harmful elements such as radiation. It imptoves your body's production of the hormones it needs to maintain healthy skin. Lastly, it promotes skin cells regeneration that can help you get rid of fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles.


All anti-aging products claim to be the best in the skin care field. But all of them contain some drawbacks that you needto know before buying. Cosima Revival has the following disadvantages:

  • It only caters to customers in the US.
  • The product trial being offered is not legit as you will be billed $89.99 as soon as you sign up for it.
  • There is no proof of clinical trials or research.
  • It is way too expensive than other anti-aging cream on the market today.

The persisting existence of Cosima Revival scam issues and rumors is a major turn-off for potential customers. There may be truth on its claim that it is an effective anti-aging product but it certainly is not the best and most ideal option.
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