Menopause is a stage after which women is no longer capable to conceive. When undergoing menopause, most women experience mood swings and irritation. Some of them have hot flashes that are very intense and very few of them experience night sweats. The excessive sweating leads to insomnia.

An organic supplement for treating menopause is Amberin, developed by Lunada Biomedical. It has smart molecules that support preserving balance of hormones. The product is safe and clinically tested for effectiveness.

The product contains all organic ingredients that relieve the symptoms of menopause and regulating blood flow. This helps retain the energy and also boost its level.

The key ingredient is Ammonium succinate which activates the sympathetic function of central and peripheral nervous system.

Amberin has magnesium disuccinate which regulates the energy dependent cells.

It has zinc disuccinate that hydrates the rich sources if zinc by regulating the energy of metabolism. It also has calcium disuccinate which helps body to absorb calcium; this makes the bones stronger.

It has monosodium glutamate which improves the performance of energy levels in menopausal women. It has glycerin that aids to retain the balance mentally and emotionally.

Tocopherol acetate vitamin E is natural antioxidant promoting stability of membrane and cell functioning.

Some other ingredients in this product include magnesium stearate, gelatin, riboflavin, water, titanium dioxide, etc.

This product has been tested on animals for its efficiency; but the official website does not reveal the exact amount of the ingredients it contains.

Why read reviews before buying this product?

Reading reviews help you understand whether this product works or not. To check if the product has efficiency to work; you can deduce from the reviews if the product has any free trail being offered. If the product has free trails then you can go for it and try this product; see the result for self and further commit on using Amberin. It also gives you deep insight about how this product works.

The reviews reveal and disclose more information about the product regarding any side-effects. Some people taking this non-prescription treatment have experienced mild headaches on first use.

The review discloses about the safety of this product and if it’s convenient to take this product.  You need to take four capsules a day for easing intense symptoms with meals. Continue this for three months. For people having less intense symptoms; it is suggested to take two capsules twice a day and continue this course for next 90 days.

Some pros and cons of the product:

The product has 30 day money back guarantee and has facility of free consultation with nurse. You need to take this product in recommended dosage for getting maximum relief from menopause symptoms.

This product has been tested on animals for its efficiency to relieve from menopausal symptoms. There has been no exact revelation about the quantity of ingredients used in this product.

Finally it is concluded, Amberin seems better alternative to painful HRT treatments. It is better to read more about the product reviews before you decide to buy one.
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