For all those busy women who cannot find time to enrich their beauty by going to the parlor, you can choose natural home remedies. Earlier women with shorter eyelashes used extensions or falsies and wearing mascara to make them appear longer and beautiful. But it started affecting their original eyelashes, which make them fragile and subsequently losing their bristles. Now you can use castor oil on your lashes for growing it longer.

How to apply the castor oil?

When applying castor oil for enhancing the growth of eyelash, it is important to use it correctly for achieving best result. You can follow these simple steps for optimal results:

    Remove all makeup from your eyelashes and surrounding area, before going to bed.
    Dip your finger into the oil solution; make sure you cover just the tip of your finger. Only small amount of solution is needed to improve the health of eyelashes.
    Distribute the oil between your fingers to even it out and begin to apply to your lashes from root to tip; make sure all your lashes have been covered.
    If you accidentally applied excess castor oil on your lashes remove it with a cotton ball tip.
    Leave it overnight and rinse off in the morning.
    Repeat this for procedure for minimum 3 weeks and you will have longer, darker and lovely eyelashes.

What are the benefits of using castor oil in growth of eyelashes?

Castor oil or Vitamin E is natural oil extracted from seeds of castor bean plant known for its natural health benefits. It is also commonly found in soaps, moisturizers and cosmetic products. It has wide range of benefits of providing high concentration of unsaturated fats. It is available in two forms refined clear slight yellow tint and unrefined also known as black castor. For additional benefits you can mix the castor oil solution with other oils such as Olive oil which will reduce the thickness of the oil.

Some woman wants to make their eyelashes look longer and feel softer; many of them suffer from severe brittle lashes. Vitamin E will help in making the lashes thicker and stronger so that it cannot be easily breakable. It gets absorbed into the base cells of lashes quickly thereby providing the perfect environment for stimulation of healthy eyelashes and shows effective and nourishing results. It also provides essential nutrients for the existing lashes and nurses them back to health. Using this, your eyelashes improve considerably in three to four weeks as it improves the blood circulation.

Does it cause any side-effects?

It contains no harmful chemicals which can cause irritation so it does not have any side-effects. Instead it helps in improving dry skin, makes the wrinkles smooth and effectively addresses hair loss by stimulating the growth. It is safe to use even for people with contact lenses or sensitive eyes and skin.

Using castor oil as a natural eyelash enhancer helps in improving the length, strength and overall health of your lashes. Moreover it is an inexpensive alternative to eyelash serums and other lash growth products, which is improves growth and has no side-effects.
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