Perfect Christmas Party Makeup Tips:

Whether you are ready or not, the holiday season is just coming soon. Even if you already have your Thanksgiving dinner planned and your Christmas shopping done. On this holiday season you will attending numerous social parties. Make sure your make-up bag is ready for onslaught of christmas parties and christmas cheer. Following given you a few tips to help you add something a little special to your look!


Why follow hot trends and choose dark-colored nail polishes? Unique, simple Christmas nail art are best in this season, you can choose different colors or types of nail paint to creat perfect christmas nail for you. At christmas party will be the special one. Rub your hands with special oils and drink more green tea. It’s healthy for your body and for your hands.


Lips are considered to be very sensual and they can have a very powerful attraction attached. What you need is to choose the right color. Don’t try to pick the lipstick exactly matching the color of your holiday dress. It’s boring and out of fashion. It’s important that full sensual lips is the way to go if you consider your lips to be your best facial feature. This season there are loads of beautiful bright and deep shades of red and pink lipsticks.

Skin color:

It is a mistake to think that oily shine would add more beauty to your image. Don’t use your powder very often trying to make your skin look matte. You’ll get a lifeless mask instead. Use oil absorbing tissues instead. Doing your makeup, apply T-zone cosmetics and then use a long-lasting foundation cream with matte effect. The foundation will prevent oily shine in the midst of the party. By the way, for better effect you can mix the foundation with matte fluid in 2:1 proportion.

Eyelid Makeup:

Don’t get disappointed if you can’t use liquid eye liners and eye makeup. This winter, liquid eye liner precision is replaced by careless eye pencil lines. Draw the line along the eye lashes with a pencil liner and smudge for creating smoky eyes effect. Then, use a brush or your finger to draw the line further to your temples. Apply golden eye shadows around inner and outer corners of the eyes.


Adding glitter to the eyes can look stunning when it's done well. Eye glitter can be hard to control, so you will need to use a cream eyeshadow or eye primer first to get the best effect. Of course, if you are not into bold colors and like to stay in the natural zone have no fear because you will be trendy as well.


Eyelashes are such a simple way to vamp up your make-up! There are an amazing array of eyelashes or false eyelases, you can buy ones with jewels, feathers & glitter....

With the Christmas party season in full swing, you need to be prepared to party the night..
Party wear is your chance to take centre stage.

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