Rapid Lash Eyelash Renewal Serum is the latest in the procession of eyelash renewal products to include harmful chemicals to help produce the desired effects.

Prostaglandins like Cloprostenate are used in harmful drugs that treat glaucoma. The effect on the eyelashes was first noticed when glaucoma patients began developing full, bushy and elongated lashes - an effect eventually tied to Cloprostenate.


After a number of products came out with the substance, many people using the products started to experience side effects such as:
  • Eye itchiness
  • Loss of vision
  • Eye-Color change (as drastic as blue to brown)

The ingredient contained in Rapid Lash is a slightly altered version of the harmful chemical that caused a stir not long ago - the new compound is Isopropyl Cloprostenate. Is the chemical difference enough to deter the harmful side effects that are associated with the some other form of the compound?

There are plenty of women who are experiencing problems with the hair on their eyes, especially since it can also affect their overall aesthetic appeal. These days, this problem may already be given an immediate solution through the help of the product. It is a kind of growth product that has been shown to be great in boosting the growth of hair.

Rapid Lash Side Effects And Dangers

Although majority of the users have noticed an accelerated eyelash growth upon using the product. The side effects of this product range from itching, redness, and blurry vision that can be potentially harmful. Possible dangers posed by this product for hair include some allergic reactions to several specific ingredients used on the product and even a permanent eye color change. Such negative effects can be lessened if the product will be properly applied and it will be ensured that it will not enter the eye.

Rapid Lash is still performing an independent trial to find out how harmful their product can be - it may be smart to wait to buy until the results of those trials are released. It is advertised as an eye-lash growing product, but there are some reviews of rapid lash causing blindness. How effective is rapid lash and how serious are the side effects?
If reviews are causing blindness, then I think it's not safe.

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