Beware These Skin Brightening Ingredients!
A lot of people use skin brightening products to improve their overall appearance. Skin brighteners make skin look less dull and improve the appearance of brown spots caused by exposure to the sun. However, a lot of skin brighteners do more damage than good. If you want to know the top dangerous ingredients in skin brighteners so you could avoid them, read on to learn more.

The Number One Ingredient to Avoid At All Costs
Because we value you skin, we’re going to start with the top of our list. Considered as one of the most dangerous ingredients in skin brighteners, hydroquinone tops our list. This skin-brightening ingredient is so harmful to the skin; it’s banned in a lot of countries in Europe and is on its way to being banned in the United States. Although it is a powerful whitening ingredient, it causes more damage than you’d think. After continuous usage, this ingredient will cause skin to lose its elasticity and thin it out in the process. After that, it can also damage the liver and cause nerve damage. Yes, you’d have whiter or brighter skin but you’d have trouble feeling your skin to begin with! So do avoid this ingredient at all costs.

No, we’re not talking about the planet. That may have been a bad joke but it still doesn’t take away the fact that mercury is found in a lot of skin brightening products. This one is particularly bad for the skin as you may know that even batteries containing this product are not really preferred all that much as well. It can cause a lot of potential health problems including brain damage. If you or someone you know is swearing by brightening products that list mercury as an ingredient even if it’s in the bottom of the list. Warn them that mercury is not good for the health and poses more health risks.

Corticosteroids do a lot of harm to the skin. It is usually marketed as the top skin brightening or whitening ingredient, however, it poses a list of health risks that’s why it is one of the most dangerous ingredients in skin brighteners. Corticosteroids can wreak havoc on sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Not only that, it can wreak havoc on one’s hormones as well.

What all of these skin brightening and whitening ingredients have in common is that they can make skin thinner after prolonged usage. Avoiding these brightening ingredients will make for a skin-intelligent decision. Remember that the fastest and most gentle way of brightening skin is through scrubbing. Use gentle facial scrubs or concoct your own as a surefire way of making your skin instantly brighter and younger.
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