Sexy eyelash enhancers would be the most up-to-date magnificence trend today, along with aesthetic firms in all places are usually releasing items that promises to provide females for a longer period, bigger, darker eyelash, without the fuss involving mascara, false the eyelashes, or even extensions. Eyelash growth booster products incorporate medicines often known as prostaglandins; endocrine such as ingredients used in vision shed form to relieve glaucoma. Eye lash boosters are supplements which can be topically given to the base of a person’s lower and upper the eyelashes.

Everyone’s been talking about the drug that grows lashes
These eyelash issues (in particular the thinning of the lash hairs) can also be exacerbated by factors such as growing older and, in some cases, stress. For most women the problem is just an aesthetic one that they would like help in correcting. For some, however, a perceived ‘deficiency’ in the eyelash department can lead to a loss of confidence, anxiety and general unhappiness.

Rapid Lash - Rapid Lash is still conducting an independent trial to find out how harmful their product can be - it may be smart to wait to buy until the results of those trials are released.

Revitalash - On the official Revitalash website, consumers are warned that there have been reports of mild irritation on the skin at the base of the lashes, as well as discoloration on this area.

Smartlash -  It is an eyelash serum and eyelash enhancer is one of the most popular eyelash growth products on the market. But, should you be concerned about smartlash side effects?

Latisse - Most study participants had no problems if Latisse accidentally got into their eyes. But a few did experience side effects that included dry eyes and eyelid skin darkening.

Idol Lash -  Different people have different kinds of skins, which are sensitive to different products. Certain products which are non-reactive on certain skin-types can cause irritation on other skin-types. While Idol Lash does not contain any chemicals which can cause irritation to the eye, users are advised to take a skin test just to remain on the safer side.

These days, there are numerous lash growth products that can be found in the market which have already been clinically tested and proven to enhance the growth of the lashes without any side effect. If you feel that your eyes are already beautiful enough and you would like them to stay that way, you might want to give using prescription products a second thought. Take note that the celebrity endorsers of these products get some compensation for whatever statement they say, so make sure that you check out first the website of the manufacturer and see the testimonials of actual customers to know if the product also worked well with others. When you chose the correct eyelash growth products, you can enjoy fuller, longer, darker, thicker and more beautiful eyelashes in just a matter of four weeks.

Less alarming, but nonetheless undesirable, is pigmentation. A total of seven these product users reported darkening skin or red lines where the product was being applied.
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