Look in the mirror every morning, and you may notice a new fine line here, or a rogue pimple there (whoever said that acne stop after adolescence was a liar)—but did you know that chronic lines and spots can indicate something more serious about your overall health? The Daily Mirror tackles this hypothesis with an epic list of symptoms and manifestations, consulting health experts—but here are our top-10.

1. Those lines on your forehead might mean you have digestion problems. The Mirror's experts recommend drinking warm water with lemon juice first thing in the morning. We're thinking: juice cleanse or a colonic?

2. If you have itchy ears, you might have a Vitamin D deficiency. Yes, office-dwellers, you probably have a Vitamin D deficiency. Try to get out there and see the sunshine for 10 to 15 minutes each day! Or find a good supplement.

3. Zits on your forehead. Who hasn't battled forehead pimples in their lives? Apparently, a rash of forehead acne could be an indication of liver or stomach problems. Experts recommend eating more leafy greens and reduce the amount of processed food and caffeine consumed.

4. White spots on your eyes could mean a lymphatic problem. Persistent white spots on the outer rim of your eyes may indicate that you have a lymphatic congestion problem. The Mirror's experts recommend giving up dairy and cow's milk for while to see if it clears up.

5. Acne around your jawline might mean your hormones are in flux. If you always get zits on your chin around that time of the month, you're not alone. Apparently, jawline acne increases as you get older and your estrogen levels drop. Experts recommend eating more apricots, shiitake mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and mangoes to help your Vitamin A levels, which, in turn, help regulate your skin cell production.

6. Age spots might mean you're detoxing. Your skin might be purging toxins, so, to help support it, eat plenty of fresh foods and drink lots of water. Also, try massaging castor oil into existing age spots to help them fade.

7. Dry lips probably means you're dehydrated. While the most likely cause of dry lips is dehydration (drink more water!), there's also the possibility you're Vitamin B deficient or having problems absorbing iron. If you drink lots of water, but the problem persists, consult your doctor. If you're a mouth breather with dry lips, well, you're on your own.

8. The 11s may mean your liver's stressed out. According to the Mirror's experts, a serious frown line (or, the 11s, in between your eyes), may indicate that your liver isn't super-happy. "This could be for physical, environmental, and emotional reasons, or an allergy to foods/substances or loss and grief," said therapist Annie Day. "This leads to adrenal overload, known as burnout. Try gently massaging the brow area with circular moves."

9. Undereye circles might mean you have allergies.If you get plenty of sleep but still have persistent dark circles under your eyes, it might mean you have allergies. Try eliminating common allergens, like dairy and wheat, for a while to see if it helps. If you must, give up alcohol, because it can aggravate the situation.

10. Canker sores might mean you have a Vitamin B deficiency. If you have cold sores, sorry, you have herpes, see your doctor. But if you have those little white spots inside your mouth—canker sores—you might just be suffering from a Vitamin B deficiency. Try eating more whole grains, green veggies, or adding meat to your diet. Source:(stylebistro.com)

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