Many women want to have those naturally long and thick eyelashes which make eyes look beautiful. So they use falsies or eyelash extensions but using it for longer will cause breakage of original lashes and irritation in the eyes. Another way is to use natural eyelash enhancer which will help to stimulate the growth and improve the thickness and length of lashes.

What are reasons for brittleness of eyelashes?

As we are ageing, our eye lids and eyelash are getting weaker and hence they are more prone to get damaged. The weakening of the muscles causes the eyelids to become unstable and reddish the eyes. Caring for irritation of eyelashes is important otherwise this will lead to damage in nerves or cornea, affecting the eyesight. Another reasons for brittle eyelash is sun exposure, constant rubbing of eyes causing to itchiness. Some people may experience abnormal growth and loss of eye hair, minor loss is normal and does not affect the eye sight. But if the hair loss is abnormal then there is a concern that you are at high risk of infection of eye lids which will seriously affect the eyelashes. You may have inflammation in eyes due to excess dandruff which will affect the oil glands of eyelids. This will lead to crust formation on the eyelashes which makes them break easily.

What remedies should be taken care of to protect and enhance eyelash?

Some common and popular eyelash enhancers are listed below:

1. Latisse: effective for stimulating growth of lashes but people with contact lenses have to remove them before applying this product. It is not suitable for people having conjunctivitis. It is quite expensive costing $210.

2. RevitaLash: it has not been clinically proven for its ingredients. It may work for some people only, others may feel mild irritation. The official website lacks information about the manufacturer.

3. RapidLash: it contains polypeptides which helps to improve growth of lashes and moisturizes the eye lashes thereby making them durable and elastic. It costs just $49, is cheapest among its competitors.

4. Idol Lash: it has been manufactured by a company which is well-known in developing the beauty products from last 8 years. It contains Sodium Hyaluronate which helps to relieve from dry or itchy skin and costs $50.

5. Lilash: it is a cosmetic product which claims to produce dramatic effect. There is a money-back guarantee so it is safe for everyone including people with sensitive eyes. It contains prostaglandin which could lower the blood pressure.

6. Maxolash: Maxolash is a safe and effective eyelash enahncing product that designed to make eyelashees thicker and longer naturally. It very powerful formula that gives the desires result that you always dreamed off.

7. B. Kamins Eyelash fortifier: contains blend of vitamins, botanical and peptides growth substance which helps to improve the appearance of lashes and brows. It helps prevent the hair to become delicate due to environmental effects. It costs $90.

8. Lashipix: it is a non-prescription for eyelash growth and strength of the lashes. It contains formula of sodium hyaluronate and bio-peptides which increases the strength and appearance of lashes and brows. This product is hypo-allergenic, clinically proven for naturally improving the lash growth, available only online on its website and costs $69.95.

9. DermaLash: the list of ingredients is not exclusively listed. It is paraben-free hence no irritation is reported. It comes in five different colors and is cheaper than its competitor costs just $95.

10. Smart Lash: it has been physician formulated and tested for its ingredients. It is a prostaglandin free-product hence causes no side-effects. It is a little bit costly at $125.

What are the precautions to be taken care while using eyelash enhancer?

Discontinuing the use of eyelash curler will improve and enrich the growth of eyelashes, making them dense. If you are not using any cosmetics then loss of eyelashes is due to improper diet, lack of hydration. Hence you should eat healthy diet and drink plenty of water. If still the problem persists, you should try the natural eyelash enhancers which are rich in nutrients and proteins which will enhance the hair growth.

You must choose those products that goes well with your skin-type and does not cause any irritation or inflammation to eyes.So you can use other products that effective for improving the eyelashes, also you don't need a doctor prescription.

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